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Our History

simple creative works was founded in 2007, founded by heru dharmawan, heru dharmawan before establishing simple creative works heru dharmawan has been learning since heru dharmawan at the university in 2000 and worked part time at several print advertising companies and had worked at a well-known print media company (national newspaper) and also worked in several post production companies making tv ads, filmmaking on a national and international scale

simple creative works is a small company that has international outreach throughout the country, simple creative works in the field of television advertising, billboard advertisements, filmmaking, video clip making, company profile creation, webdesigns, exhibitions, event organizations, music promoters, international economic trade liaison all Indonesian products to other countries, teaching 3d animation, making 3d animated tv ads

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Heru Dharmawan


I founded this simple creative works that started from online shopping in 2008, then changed to international networking, music events, exhibitions, music promoters, advertising companies, solo travel and now move to 3D animation education, film editing, because the basis of my experience is in the field of teaching. Read more...

About Us

We are creators for build the networks and help each other.