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Intro 1 video composition: Autodesk Maya 2020 & After Effect 2020 plugin Trapcode  

Autodesk Maya 2020 : there are 2 particles: 1 particle starts from the front hit by a ball. 2 particles from the back of the ball that proceed the front particles

Adobe After Effect 2020 : plugin Trapcode: glowing and flame

videos and techniques by Heru Dharmawan

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    JonesNovember 22, 2048Templates, Freebies256 comments


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      Mike November 23, 2048 11:05 pm

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        Sandy November 24, 2048 10:41 pm

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          Paul November 26, 2048 10:15 am

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      Jack November 29, 2048 07:35 am

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      Dan November 30, 2048 10:54 pm

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